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What a week! Tech news, Hand picked bytes, Book read update and an original blog post!

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What a week! Tech news, Hand picked bytes, Book read update and an original blog post!
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What a week it has been so far! It’s been so eventful.
Let’s dive in.
Let’s address the obvious - Big tech blocks and closes the door on Trump for allegedly agitating riots at the Capitol. It finally happened or does big tech have too much say in what happens in the world?
Whats app has updated its terms and conditions to collect more user data leading to Elon Musk endorsing Signal on Twitter. His endorsement led to outages on Signal.
In other news, Elon becomes the richest man in the world beating Jeff Bezos. At this pace, we have to wait and watch who becomes the first Trillionaire!
Is whats app’s new policy a case of bad UX or just a Facebook business move to collect more data for ads?
Burger King reveals new branding in two decades by Jones Knowles Ritchie. Its a refreshing take on branding with personality! It’s filled with originality and represents the brand’s great value, culture. Branding done right! Looking at it just makes me so hungry.
Read more with some great pick of articles and an original blog post by UX India on UXI20 - Wrapped up!

UXI20 Wrapped up! by UMO Design | Medium
Hand-picked bytes
The Burger King rebrand celebrates its design history and irreverent personality
Figma Community - find paid design opportunities and resources
Celebrities Like Cardi B Could Turn OnlyFans Into a Billion-Dollar Media Company - Bloomberg
18 Modern Calendars for 2021 + Beyond
Material Design
#MaterialDesignAwards winner for Material Theming:


⭐️ Reusable components balance expressiveness and practicality.

⭐️ Accessibility: Multimodal approach allows users to navigate with their keyboard or voice.

See more here →
Doritos is bringing back its iconic '90s snack: 3D Crunch
📖 Book reads
Thanks to you, looks like this is going to become a regular part on the newsletter.
Last week I wrote about the progress on my latest read on ‘The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.’ Finally, I was able to finish the book. Here’s my take on it - It’s a guaranteed recommendation for anyone who wants to learn lessons on handling money and all the things that comes attached with it; recklessness, greed, change in behaviour, ego, pride and what not. All of this is explained by the author using striking examples from people’s lives.
If you ever do read it, don’t miss out on the last chapter ‘Confessions’ where the author gets candid on the psychology of his own money!
‘A Promised Land’ by Barack Obama is tempting me to give it a read next, but have you seen the size of it! And also I have decided the next book I read will be related to design, these are the recommendations I got from my friends. It’s hard to make a pick, so if you have read any of it, tweet and let me know your thoughts!
📚 What should I read next? Look at Deadpool just chillin!
📚 What should I read next? Look at Deadpool just chillin!
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