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🎉 Special New Year issue - Year in review, Robots Dancing, Airbnb Design and UMO Design School!

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🎉 Special New Year issue - Year in review, Robots Dancing, Airbnb Design and UMO Design School!
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2020 - A year in review. Looking back!
It’s the first day of an all new year, fingers crossed it’s going to be nothing like the one we just got out of. We are back with yet another special end-of-year edition just after blazing past Christmas. If there’s something most of us are wondering it must be how did this year get over so fast! Phew!
This issue is filled with super interesting facts but before we jump in - let’s take a look back!
Last year around the same time we sent out an issue which spoke about how UXI'19 was one of the firsts in many ways. Turns out, UXI20 easily beat that! It could not have been so much more different than the previous UX India Conferences - it was hosted virtually, more participants & speakers from across the globe, a week long conference and so much more- who could imagine! It was completely re-imagined and a huge success, largely due to your continued support.
Not just this, it was record year for us. The number of programs we launched and the kind of impact we’ve made via UMO Unites is miles ahead of what we do every year! Embracing this virtual scene really let us break barriers and exceed. Just off the top - we launched a Design School, created program for Covid afflicted, ran an innovation challenge, story telling challenge and tons more. Read more at
Let’s dive in!

Hand-picked bytes for you!
By popular choice Hand picked bytes continues to headline the newsletter largely due to your positive comments about it and also because there is so much cool stuff happening this time of the year.
In other news -
🍿 Wonder Woman 1984 Movie is being put up in most theatres in cities at least. I’m hearing Mixed reviews about it, if you think it’s good- seriously let me know. Might be the first movie I catch in a move theatre after lockdown.
⚡️ Tesla coming to India in early 2021
Nitin Gadkari, Transport minister has confirmed Tesla’s entry into India. Elon is usually quick to tweet announcements but nothing yet from him. Fun fact - did you know Tesla once started collecting deposits for Model 3 in India and then cancelled it citing infrastructure issues!
📖 Update on the book I’m currently reading - ‘Psychology of Money’ by Morgan Housel. Firstly, let me say this - I was amazed at the reactions I got for that book. So glad to know that readers of Xabytes who are mostly designers loved info on the subject of business & finance. I mean, why not? Right?
Interestingly as I read on, the author talks a lot about mindset, wealth, greed and behaviour.
Tyrus - Airbnb Design
Complete Guide: How to ensure user experience is a priority for your company
Google Trends reveals the things that mattered most in 2020. 🌎 Explore more →
Do You Love Me? Look at the robot just dance away!
Do You Love Me? Look at the robot just dance away!
Watching these incredible robots from Boston Dynamics dance to that song, I felt far less intimidating or is it just less intimidating way to showcase future weapons. I mean how creepy were the previous videos of people kicking it and it getting back up. This is so cool! What do you think? Robots are going to rule the world? 🌎 :P
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Wishing you a safe and happy New Year! See you next week in 2021.
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