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🎄Special Christmas Issue - Gift ideas, Apple refused to buy Tesla? UMO Design School and Hand picked bytes

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🎄Special Christmas Issue - Gift ideas, Apple refused to buy Tesla? UMO Design School and Hand picked bytes
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I had to put the Christmas tree icon there in the headline! It’s that time of the year where temperatures drop, people start relaxing and slowly easing into the next year! Finally in just a week we put all the 2020 madness behind and move on. At the same time I would urge you not to be reckless in your celebrations as COVID still strongly prevails. It’s great news that we are getting closer to making the vaccine a reality but it is going to take a while. Until then let’s keep this virtual remote thing going! Rocking the remote gig is now a new norm I guess, surely it’s working out well for most. It sure worked out well for us last week with UXI20 ;)
Alright, this is not just another email wishing you a merry Christmas! Btw Merry Christmas! 🎄 Here I go with the tree again! We are taking a new shape for a new beginning, our focus at UMO is now drifting closer and closer to the Design School where we aim to create purpose driven designers and bring in design awareness at a grass root level. We are very excited to be offering courses from Jan 2021. We are so looking forward to the see how attendees of the school will go on to create loads of impact on our society.
With that said, let’s jump in, we have crafted some amazing stories for you in this issue of Xabytes!
P.S: If you missed out on attending the UXI20 conference, we’ve got you covered - you can purchase it now at a highly discounted price! Scroll to bottom.

Hand-picked bytes for you
Hand picked bytes finally makes a comeback after many weeks of UXI20 content. If you are new here, in hand picked bytes we pick up some very interesting articles on various areas not just design and we try to write about it from a design perspective or at least provoke a thought.
Xabytes - (Xa)Bytes get it?
Honk messaging app without a send button for iOS!
How Bad Is Your Spotify?
Tim Cook refused to take a meeting with Elon to buy Tesla?
Elon Musk
@wintonARK During the darkest days of the Model 3 program, I reached out to Tim Cook to discuss the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla (for 1/10 of our current value). He refused to take the meeting.
How much more crazier can this get? Is this a mistake of the century or a big apple style business move? If you didn’t know this- there are many rumours that apple will release a self driving capable electric car next year and launch it by 2024. Elon claims the rumoured battery tech which apple is supposed to use in their car is already in use at Tesla. While we are on the subject of Tesla, in other news- Tesla gets into the infamous S&P 500 index making Elon richer by billions of dollars over night.
Tesla and Apple both are widely regarded as design/product centric companies. What can we look forward from them in the future? Surely exciting times for designers ahead!
On a related note, also read about the privacy war between Apple and Facebook!
Gift Ideas for you!
10 CEOs on the books they’re gifting this holiday season
The ultimate 2020 Christmas gift guide for artists and designers
2020 Holiday Gift Guide: The most creative, unique gifts
📖 This is the time of the year when many sure like to spend their holiday reading a book. This holiday I will be reading ‘Psychology of Money’ by Morgan Housel. It’s been highly recommend by some avid friendly book worms of mine! It is a huge leap from what I usually ready but I reckon any lesson about Money is a good lesson! In the next couple of newsletters I will try and sum it up if you are interested in that sort of thing. Tweet to us what you are reading this holiday!
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Wishing you a safe and a joyful Christmas! See you next week with another special for New Year.
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