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🚀Recap of DAY-5 #UXI20. Just one day to go, UX Ladder, Moving Stories Awards & a special appearance!

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🚀Recap of DAY-5 #UXI20. Just one day to go, UX Ladder, Moving Stories Awards & a special appearance!
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Day 5 - We continue to ride the high of design goodness!
Wow! Literally just today to go before we wrap up the UXI2o conference. We are so relived that the conference went exactly the way we planned and it’s really good to see you folks #UFam are enjoying your time here.
We are really amazed at the interactions you folks are having in the chat/polls and of course on social media.
We have so many cool things planned today 😎 Stay tuned and don’t forget to attend, we promise to wrap up the program almost an hours early so that you can continue to have your family/fun time over the weekend!

Recap of Day 5 #UXI20
Recordings are being sent to your registered email ID a few hours after the conference is getting over!
If you are not able to spare time to watch the whole thing. I’ve got you covered - Here is my brief recap of DAY5 at UXI20!
Day 5 was kicked off with Chris, who is a massive adventure enthusiast, he spoke about harnessing emotion in a design project. He was followed by Rozina, who spoke about the impactful work she did, how she was inspired to create impact through design. Then came Stefan who spoke about design systems on steroids with his cool transitions in his presentation!
After a quick break came Arko, who spoke about starting with an existing Design System as a skeleton, he had a cool set up a rockstar’s hair do! He was followed by Ana who spoke about culture, ally-ship and growth mindset, I found her journey very inspiring!
Again after a quick break was Siddharth, who spoke about designing for XR and how it made him re-learn everything about Design. Next was Lawanya, who spoke about Behavioural design and how design can shape or influence human behaviour and bring sustainable impact.
Next was Moving Stories where Kerith took stage with Nisha and took things to the next level with her informative and fun conversation on Story telling and her award winning work on films, direction and producing. Finally we had Mohit to close, he spoke about importance of adapting with evolving definitions over time and using design thinking in retelling your own normal life stories.
Thats it folks, see you today, the last day in the chats!
A Special appearance by Stefan Ivanov ✌️
He says watching himself online is so strange!
He says watching himself online is so strange!
So we floated a poll which asked if you would be interested to take a Masterclass masterminded by Stefan, you guys said yes! We are here to give you what you ask for. So we’ve already begun the process of working with Stefan. No time to waste, courses start from Jan 2021.
School - UMO Design Foundation - Masterclass and Certification Courses
We hosted Kerith, Stefan and Ana for Q&A!
We hosted Kerith, Stefan and Ana for Q&A!
Nisha stepped in to host Moving stories, I’m sure you must be relived by the change in host! She sure had fun having a chat with Kerith. But I was back to host Stefan and Ana for a quick Q&A session.
Stefan was so excited to be here as you can see in the above section! Huge thanks to Ana for being, her commitment is truly commendable, it was too early in the morning for her, she made it and killed it. Amazing Ana! 💯
We've got Jobs for you!
🔴 Watch Ana's Talk re-streamed Live
LIVE from UXI20: Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Microsoft
LIVE from UXI20: Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Microsoft
If you didn’t find the pattern here - we are releasing one talk per day to the public. So subscribe to our youtube channel to see whose video is being re-streamed for tomorrow!
🔥 What's coming up on Day-6
Click to view schedule!
Click to view schedule!
These folks sure are going to take design to the next next level today at UXI20. Today will be very interactive, just today to go! Don’t miss out! I’m literally excited for everything happening today!
👇🏼These folks are going LIVE tomorrow for a Q&A. Hit them up, ask questions! Including all the folks from UX Ladder.
🪜 UX Ladder on Day 6 at #UXI20
UX Ladder by Design Leaders! Click to view their profiles.
UX Ladder by Design Leaders! Click to view their profiles.
UX Ladder is one of the most enjoyed sessions at UX India. We’ve been conducting UX Ladder sessions since the past few years and the audience have always loved to ask questions to the panel on design and more.
UX Ladder is nothing but a moderated Q&A session which will be built based on the questions you ask and responses the panel gives you. It will be very candid and highly impromptu. So keep shooting questions as quickly as you can while Ranz and I will be moderating the session.
Alright, we have an amazing set of people joining us live. The panellists today are design leaders and we’ve been having conversations with them about the design scene in India for the past few weeks. The outcomes of the discussion have always been very insightful. We will have sets of design leaders up on the stage for you to ask questions. Every 15 for an hour a set of panelists will take stage and continue to keep the momentum going and bring in their own perspectives into the discussions.
We also have Ranz who is the Director of UX, Informatica from our team making a come back after he showcased his lit hosting skills for the Design X Awards last year.
Stay tuned, keep asking us your questions for the panel!
Moving Stories Awards at #UXI20
UMO Design’s Moving Stories is about conveying emotions that connect people inspire and influence them in a positive way. We’ve had a good response from the community and they have shared with us some very moving stories from their lives. We will be celebrating the finalists and the winners on the last day of the conference. Meanwhile you will get a chance to catch their story submissions at UXI20!
Today we will have Tom Ruddock and we will be announcing the winners for the UMO Moving Stories Video Storytelling challenge 2020. Long name! There’s going to be a lot of bling make sure to watch it. Videos are getting an amazing reaction from the viewers!
Express - UMO Design Foundation
Win Goodies! Keep posting and sharing.
Click to learn more!
Click to learn more!
Winners will be announced soon! See you in a couple of hours. Keep up the energy 🙌🏼
Happy Weekend! Tomorrow will be the last newsletter in the series of #UXI20. After that the frequency will be reduced. Fun will continue though!
Follow us on our social channels to stay up to date!
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