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🧢 Recap of DAY-4 #UXI20. Moving stories, great conversations, Jobs and See what's coming up next!

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🧢 Recap of DAY-4 #UXI20. Moving stories, great conversations, Jobs and See what's coming up next!
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Day 4 - We ride the high of design goodness!
Firstly, let me say - You folks are amazing! The kind of feedback we are getting from the speakers and the audience is so full-filling especially after weeks of hard work the UXI & UMO teams have put in for UXI20.
Let’s dive in and see what happened at day 4 of UXI20!

Recap of Day 4 #UXI20
No caption needed :P
No caption needed :P
Recordings are being sent to your registered email ID a few hours after the conference is getting over!
If you are not able to spare time to watch the whole thing. I’ve got you covered - Here is my brief recap of DAY4 at UXI20!
We started the day by Dani Nordin who spoke about Storytelling and how it’s an amazing tool to have in your arsenal of tools for UX designers. After her came Russ, whom I interviewed about his book, his masterclass and the work he does in the area of design management. After him came in Mario, an all time UX India favourite, he spoke about the importance of having conversations and how without listening or having meaningful conversations projects fail easily. He also had suggestions of how to tackle tough conversations with ‘Conversation Shift.’
After a quick break, we had Vibhuti who spoke for healthcare UX for seniors and what are the ways we can best design for them. Next came Rajat, who spoke about OTT platforms and what are the ways we can improvise, personalise them, get better suggestions etc, he had some great ideas! Next came Pavan, who spoke about a UI tool he developed called Quick Lens, amazing demo it was. We are giving away 5 Quick Lens licences for most active social media accounts. After Pavan, we had Ishan who spoke about Type and designing with communities as an intrinsic process of design, he showcased some really amazing typefaces!
Next, we showcased some amazing “Moving story” submission we received they truly were mesmerising and empathetic! I hope you enjoyed them. Post the we had Suman Dubey who spoke about the book he is writing which might soon become a series or a movie. Some amazing insights he had on storytelling! After him was Bhavan, who is also one of UXI’s all time favourites, she introduced us to Gregory Bateson and Nora Bateson’s ideas on systems, relational, and abductive processes as it relates to language and sensory representations in design.
Thats it folks, see you at Day 5 in the chats!
Three amazing people talking about amazing "design" stuff!
Three amazing people talking about amazing "design" stuff!
It surely feels weird not being able to meet Mario or Russ. I have gotten used to seeing them every year. Nevertheless, as Mario said in his session. We are glad that we somehow managed and decided to pull off UXI2o virtually.
Turns out, it was a great decisions after all!
With Russ, we wanted to break the monotony of speakers giving talks and wanted to just have a conversation about design and design leadership. I spent nearly an hour talking to Russ about so many different things I hope you had fun watching the conversation!
We've got Jobs for you!
🔴 Watch Mario's Talk re-streamed Live
If you didn’t find the pattern here - we are releasing one talk per day to the public. So subscribe to our youtube channel to see whose video is being re-streamed for tomorrow!
School - UMO Design Foundation - Masterclass and Certification Courses
🔥 What's coming up on Day-5
Click to view the full schedule!
Click to view the full schedule!
These folks sure are going to take design to the next level today at UXI20. Just 2 more day to go! Don’t miss out!
👇🏼These folks are going LIVE tomorrow for a Q&A. Hit them up, ask questions!
Moving Stories at #UXI20
UMO Design’s Moving Stories is about conveying emotions that connect people inspire and influence them in a positive way. We’ve had a good response from the community and they have shared with us some very moving stories from their lives. We will be celebrating the finalists and the winners on the last day of the conference. Meanwhile you will get a chance to catch their story submissions at UXI20!
We have Kerith Lemon speaking today. Nothing much to say other than the fact the she worked at the OWN Network - With Oprah Winfrey! For more about her and the work she does, join us today and take a watch!
Express - UMO Design Foundation
Win Goodies! Keep posting and sharing.
Click to learn more!
Click to learn more!
Winners will be announced soon! See you in a couple of hours. Keep up the energy 🙌🏼
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