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💪 Power of Innovation

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💪 Power of Innovation
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Realise the potential of being an innovator
Let’s talk about the power of innovation or being an innovator. There have been many instances in the world, for better or worse, where innovations have changed the course of life, and people successfully have managed to churn those innovations into product/service offerings and in turn, creating billion-dollar companies. From iPhones to nuclear bombs, these innovations have changed the course of history. With every day progressing rapidly in this new and complicated world, there is a lot of scope to innovate. And to innovate, all you got to do is take a closer look at your surrounding and find problems to solve. While most of you are designers and creative folks, contrary to the popular belief, innovation can come from anyone, literally anyone!
Social innovation is the need of the hour
There are many types of innovation neatly categorised by innovation gurus. But lets’ talk about Social Innovation.
Social Innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress - Stanford GSB.
The reason we are bringing this up because we believe it is the need of the hour. The world is faced with the most glaring problem ever faced by humankind. This is an opportunity for all innovators to solve ‘the urgent problem’ the world faces today. Remember, possibilities power innovation and this is a possibility to create real and much-needed social impact.
Enabling innovation through Design X Social 2021
We believe in your ability to innovate and create an impact. And we believe in today’s circumstances- your innovation has the potential to create impact in ways that could possibly prevent death, reduce the spread of the virus or alter the way people behave or the way systems perform or even make our planet more sustainable.
Design X Social is merely a platform created to enable, support and maximize the impact your innovation creates.
Why innovation is most needed now?
With the pandemic raging on for more than a year now, most of us have donated or helped people in need by volunteering in numerous ways, great, we sincerely salute you for your efforts and contributions! But we believe this is not enough! We’ve just crossed a small hurdle in a long race against the virus. We are yet to deal with the aftermath, and god forbid what if there is the next wave of coronavirus more devastating than the previous ones and the big question ‘Are the current measures for our healthcare and wellbeing sustainable?’
These are paths never explored before, we are urging innovators to unite and solve the biggest problems humankind has ever faced. Registrations for DXS'21 close on 9th July! Registration is free takes less than two mins.
What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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DXS'21 Q&A- LIVE. Weekend sessions will be conducted on Design Thinking and Behavioral Design from 9th July!
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There’s going to be a lot happening with Design X Social. Stay tuned and I will see you soon!
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