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🧶 Creator Economy x NFT's - WiDesign, Massive Collection of Hand Picked Bytes, Must Listen Podcasts, Cool Tweets & Fresh Memes

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🧶 Creator Economy x NFT's - WiDesign, Massive Collection of Hand Picked Bytes, Must Listen Podcasts, Cool Tweets & Fresh Memes
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Creator Economy x NFT’s
In one of the previous issues literally called Weird Edition, we wrote about what NFT’s are, how do they work, plusses and minuses etc. It was very well received. So, as we move into a bigger world of all things digital, let’s expand on it and talk about how a decentralised creator economy is being built using crypto, blockchain and NFT’s.
Let’s start with the obvious. What is a Creator Economy?
In the least technical terms, it is the economic activity created by people, may be aliens (if they exist) and robots who create digital content online and everything else which revolves around helping creators create - that includes firms, corporations, software, tools etc. The newest addition to this massive creator boom has been NFTs not to mention newer age platforms like Only Fans, Gum Road, Substack etc.. At a very basic level, with NFT’s the creator owns the right to their artwork and that helps them monetise it in many ways, many of which are waiting to be discovered! I mean we all have heard about the crazy numbers at which some artworks have been sold as an NFT. Beep Beep Beeple. Idk why I even wrote that! Check him out though!
De-centralisation of the creator economy!
Despite all debates, de-centralisation is important and necessary! Some Artists, weellll Kanye, went to an extent that he literally took a piss on his Grammy. I’m not saying that’s what artists should do but get the frustration? De-centralisation is enabling creators to build businesses around themselves that gives the artist more freedom to express themselves and gain independence from many legacy paradigms. NFT’s if not fully enabling is surely fast tracking the de-centralisation, it’s helping artists become more financially independent, collaborate in new ways under a new independent structure. I will put NFTs as a tool waiting to be explored in many creative ways.
How are NFTs boosting the creator economy?
To put it simply, its ownership driven content. Alright, let’s step back and keep NFT’s aside for a bit to help you gauge the creator economy we live in. There is no limit to creativity, it comes in many forms! Content creators can be literally anybody, from a painter who creates digital art, musicians who busts out seconds of great melody to Tic-toker’s and Youtuber’s who record themselves go through the day! Let’s take a minute to realise how a platform like Youtube has enabled the creator economy. It is essentially a new age media firm, we now mostly associate it with a tech company though.
A recent study of kids ages eight to 12 found that nearly 30% aspire to become YouTubers. With countless examples of normal people achieving massive success on the platform, this should come as no surprise. Just last year, YouTube creator David Dobrik’s monthly AdSense checks from the platform were $275,000 for an average of 60 million views. On Substack, the top 10 creators are collectively bringing in more than $7 million annually. Charli D’Amelio — who recently became the first TikTok creator to surpass 100 million followers — is estimated to be worth $4 million at age 16. She started on TikTok just a year and a half ago. - HBR
With NFT’s Media companies will explore new avenues to monetise bringing together collectives of content, artists, creators and the beloved audience together. A fun new innovation, something cool I have come across recently is Social Tokens unlike NFT’s are the exact opposite they are typically fungible, meaning each token has the same value, this too is based on the tech that brings you Ethereum. Learn more about it here. For all NFT and UX Nerds - Take a look at some exciting platforms based on NFTs NBA Top Shot, Crypto Kitties, Decentraland
If this was not a good enough start for you and your reading pleasure - In this issue, explore a great collection of hand picked bytes, a fresh bunch of memes hot out of the bakery called ‘The Internet’, super cool yet informative tweets and much more. While you are at it, don’t forget to register for the last event of the WiDesign Fest ‘21. Now that the WiDesign Fest is coming to an amazing end, we are doing to don our long chef’s hat t0 cook something new and cool. Steaming hot stuff coming your way soon!
Scrr scrr scrr scroll…!

👩 Last Week of WiDESIGN Fest'21
Get started with UX Career at UMO Design School! Click to register- For first 100 women only!
Get started with UX Career at UMO Design School! Click to register- For first 100 women only!
Great News!
With the overwhelming response, we decided to extend the WiDesign Fest to this week that is till 17th April!
Two weeks ago on 3rd April I had the opportunity to host the 5th Session with Speakers - Vidhya Appu, Sneha Bhadauria, Anurati Srivastava and Panellists - Dhanashree Manohar, Dhruti Soni, Ashoomi Dholakia and Jayasri Nagrale.
We spoke about a wide range of critical issues which working woman face Casual Sexism, Gender Stereotypes, Gender pay gap, Women Mentors, Hiring Women Designers and Menstrual leaves. The debate was tough, emotional, candid and we got to hear some great perspectives. Hope this inspired many young women out there! You can catch the recording in the link below.
🚨 Register for Talks on April 17, 2021, 8:00 PM IST - Meet The Epitome Of UX Designers!
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✌️Hand-picked bytes
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🐦 Cool Tweets & Threads
Sam DeBrule
Figma is a startup valued at more than $2 billion dollars.

Co-founder and CEO Dylan Field is a Forbes 30 under 30 list alum.

This is a story about the messy reality of building a startup and the myth of overnight success.👇

Avatar Library comes with 20 Avatars. You can use them for your application by customizing colors and shapes. It is a hand-picked style library of user-profiles.

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I found YouTube videos of them explaining it.

A thread on thinking more clearly:
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Justin Mikolay 💻
A distillation of what @naval, @shl, and @benthompson said about the creator economy on Clubhouse this weekend:
Christine Carrillo
The most undervalued asset of a CEO is an Executive Assistant.

My EA saves me 60% of time.

I'm able to run a tech startup, coach 7 CEO's every month, write & surf every day, take @david_perell's intense WOP course, cook dinner and read every night.

Here's how:
Shreyas Doshi
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And look around, it’s common.

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Is it becos we can't build the product?

Is it becos we launched it N weeks late?
Almost never

So what is it?

The 7 Biases of Product teams, a very visual thread:
Demystifying NFTs:

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Sound familiar? That annoying inner-voice is more common than you may think.

Here’s Imposter Syndrome 101...

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