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🎙️Attend free live talks by UMO Design School, CES '21, New design book update and hand picked bytes!

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🎙️Attend free live talks by UMO Design School, CES '21, New design book update and hand picked bytes!
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Hello, UFam. It’s been a while!
Last Saturday, with an idea to tell people about the Masterclasses we are offering at UMO Design, answer questions, give a sneak peek into the masterclasses we held an hour-long Live session with Stefan who is going to be teaching ‘Building Design Systems from Scratch.’ His talk shared many insights on using tools to build systems, designing for scale, maintenance of the design system and more. His talk is featured in the newsletter for you to check out.
Before we jumped into Stefan’s talk, we had the chance to talk to Bapu who is founder of UMO Design Foundation. In our quick conversation, we spoke about the need for quality design education, global exposure in design, need for mentorship in design and building purpose-driven designers.
He spoke about how there were many design institutes mushrooming who are teaching design solely from a perspective of using tools and creating non-meaningful aesthetic interfaces. This approach towards design is scary and inevitably there was a need for an organisation like UMO with years of being in the design industry to come in and offer design education to people in the best possible way. And in many ways via its flagship programs like UXI, Design X Social we’ve always focused on the need for up-skilling and quality education. So, through the design school, we’ve designed and packaged it in a way where people from any background can customise and choose any course they want to take or learn.
At UMO Design school we intend to focus on the basics first and then build expertise on top of it. The education you receive here will enable you to become purpose-driven, gain serious skill, ability to correctly identify and solve problems via research methods and specialise in your area of interest be is UX Design, UX Research, Visual Design, Design Management, Interaction Design and more.
This newsletter features many interesting articles curated for you, an invite for the upcoming talk on Voice and Conversational AI, CES’ 21 news and updates on the most waited book reads.
With the start of February, we celebrate Black History month as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African community.

Live talks by UMO Design Schools #EverySaturday
 Take a listen on 'How to Build Design Systems' by Stefan Ivanov which happened last week!
Take a listen on 'How to Build Design Systems' by Stefan Ivanov which happened last week!
Happening this Saturday, 6th Feb at 7:30 PM IST.
👉🏼 Register for free here!
UMO Design School invites you to the "FREE ONLINE TRAINING" on "Introduction to Voice & Conversational AI" hosted by Anshumali Baruah, Experience Designer, Deutsche Telekom, Germany.

In the LIVE TALK, you will learn about:
Voice & Conversational AI
Fundamentals of designing Voic
Collection - Best of CES 2021
Every weekend, all the teams at UMO, UXI meet to plan our ongoing programs and discuss all that’s happening in the world of design, tech, business and so much more. It’s always super fun to hang out with these folks. The discussions are stimulating, filled with an overload of information and many interesting, never heard before perspectives. I can go on and on about the fun we have …
Last weekend we were discussing CES, it’s a huge Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas every year. We were discussing all the trends which were emerging, the cool new tech and concepts showcased and how all this cool tech is going to open up new possibilities for designers to come up without of the world, unthinkable ideas for people to consume. This newsletter showcases a small collection of what we found to be the best of CES 2021. Take a look!
CES news by Verge
The Best of CES 2021: Phones, Laptops, Cameras, Health Tech
Hand-picked bytes
2020 Year in Review - AngelList Venture
The birth of Inter: How the new open-source typeface used by GitHub and Mozilla came to be
Noah 🦏
So much care and craft went into this, i just keep .... staring.... at it... @figmadesign
Apple's ($AAPL) Tesla ($TSLA) Killer Won't Ship for at Least Half a Decade - Bloomberg
The Creator Economy Needs a Middle Class
Google Design’s Best of 2020 - Library - Google Design
In Your Shoes Podcast Episode 16: Chris Do
📖 Design Book reads
Excited to read Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull
Excited to read Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull
New book alert! Ed Catmull was the president of Pixar and Disney animation. Creativity, Inc. was published in 2014. I’m just a few pages in; this book talks about managing creativity, for managers to lead their employees, find originality, building a creative culture and of course an in depth trip into Pixar!
Ed Catmull writes, “an expression of the ideas that I believe make the best in us possible.”
So excited to finish reading this in the next couple of weeks!
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🚨 Stefan's Masterclass: Building Scalable Design Systems from Scratch
UMO Design School - Certification courses and Masterclasses
See you next week :)
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